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Why do members have to apply?

Our goal is to build an impactful community of South Asian women who support one another. By curating and vetting members, we're able to ensure we represent a diversity of experiences, backgrounds, and disciplines. 

Who should apply to be a member?

We welcome all South Asian female leaders who are passionate about SALUTE's mission to apply. We will assess applications based on professional footprint, leadership trajectory, and impact on one's field.

What do you mean by female or woman?

We’ll keep it simple: if you identify as a female or a woman, then SALUTE is right for you.

What happens after I apply?

Hold tight!  Upon receiving your application, we will assess it and reach out directly with next steps. We will be reviewing applications and inviting accepted members to SALUTE at the beginning of each month. Expect to hear from us then!

What happens if my application is waitlisted?

We will be reviewing applications (both new and waitlisted) monthly. We will reach out to you when and if there is a change in your application status. Until then, we encourage you to keep up to date with SALUTE on our website and social.


What are the benefits of being a SALUTE member?

As a SALUTE member, you will have exclusive access to a network of exceptional South Asian female leaders and private forums to connect with one another. In addition, you will have access to events to support you in your leadership development - including "Ask me Anything" sessions across a variety of different topics, fireside chats with senior leaders, "masterclasses" led by experts in their space, book talks, and more.

Why do you have a membership? Why not keep it open?

One of the key goals of SALUTE is to facilitate impactful connections between South Asian female leaders. In order to do this, we are building a private community that will allow for smaller forums for members to connect with one another, learn from one another, and support each other. Creating a curated membership base allows us to do this.

Can I refer other South Asian women to SALUTE?

We encourage you to share SALUTE with other South Asian female leaders who are passionate about SALUTE's mission and could be a valuable addition to the community. In addition, we will be offering discounted memberships to applicants who are referred by our members and accepted. Members can reach out to us directly to refer others at

As a SALUTE member, how I will be able to connect with other members?

After much consideration, we've decided to adopt Mighty Networks as our preferred platform for the SALUTE member community. Members can easily connect with one another based on common interests and professional aspirations. This platform will be accessible on both web and mobile.